16 OCTOBER 1953, Page 16

THE GUILDFORD REPERTORY SIR, — We are naturally pleased and privileged to

have our production of Romeo and Juliet so favourably noticed by your critic, especially since little space can usually be given to the work of Repertory Companies, but the im- pression given by the review is that the Guildford Corporation is neither aware nor sympathetic to the Guildford Theatre. In all fairness we must correct this suggestion.

For some years the Guildford Corporation has assisted this Theatre, a non-profit distri- buting Company in association with the Arts Council of Great Britain, by means of an annual grant and a further guarantee against loss. Indeed, the increasing financial diffi- culties of Repertory Companies over the past two or three years have been met in our case by an increase in the amount of money voted by the Guildford Corporation to the Theatre. They have done this in addition to maintaining considerable support for music and arts in general, and we are very much alive to the need for a better theatre building. In this respect, however, they are at present powerless.

Whilst we applaud your critic's call for greater recognition of the work done by the Repertory Movement, and the need to awaken many more municipal authorities to their res- ponsibilities towards the arts, we are sure you would wish to acknowledge those that are already alive to this need.—Yours faith- fully, ROGER WINTON (Director) BRYAN BAILEY (Manager and Secretary)