17 APRIL 1880, Page 2

The Dean of Salisbury has hardly been installed in his

Deanery before he has been called out of it, to become Bishop. of the new diocese of Liverpool. We have given our reasons elsewhere for thinking the nomination a bad one. We wanted a broader kind of man for Liverpool, one who would discoun- tenance the Orange spirit there, and try at least to soften the- mutual repulsions of the Protestants and Catholics. And we fear that we shall not find such a one in Bishop Ryle. But there is one good aspect of his promotion. Evangelical Deans are not the happiest custodians of our Cathedrals. They are very much inclined to minimise their use as cathedrals, instead of making them true centres of popular interest in religion. If Liverpool does not gain all we had hoped in Bishop Ryle, it is at least not unlikely that the beautiful Cathedral of Salisbury may lose in him rather a grudging guardian of her beauties.