17 APRIL 1880, Page 23

The Trade of the World. By Robert G. Webster, LL.D.

(Bogue.) —We doubt whether Dr. Webster is quite sound, according as the thorough Free-trader counts soundness, on the Protection, or, per- haps, we should rather say, the Reciprocity question. However this may be—and these columns are not an appropriate place for the discussion—we can heartily acknowledge the interest and value of his book. He has collected facts with much care and industry, and many of the conclusions which he draws from them are beyond ques- tion valid. His plan is to take in order the countries with which we carry on trade, to give the statistics, past and present, of our commer- cial relations with them, to analyse the facts thus disclosed, and, to a certain degree, to prognosticate the course of future events. There is much to be learnt from these pages.