17 APRIL 1880, Page 3

Mr. Parnell has now been returned for three seats,—Cork City,

the county of Meath, and the county of Mayo. That is great personal success, more especially as twenty-three of his followers have also been returned, and as the poor Chevalier O'Clery, whose friends raised the riot at Enniscorthy, was literally crushed at the polling for Wexford. He did not re- ceive a clear sixth of the highest vote, obtaining only 457, for 3,075 given to the Parnellite. The triumph was, however, im- paired by a great defeat in Cork county. There Mr. Parnell made a desperate effort to oust Mr. Shaw, leader of the mode- rate Home-rulers, and to defeat the priests, who have declared war on him ; but the electors abstained. Only 7,100 out of 16,000 went to the poll, and Mr. Shaw and his colleague, Colonel Colthurst, were returned, the former by 1,924 majority over Mr. Parnell's nominee, Mr. Kettle.