17 APRIL 1880, Page 3

Some remarkable facts have been published as to the con-

stitution of the Dutch Army in Netherlands India. The Dutch carry out the idea of keeping down native energy to extreme lengths, and in an army of about 39,000 men, with 1,46;

officers, have only two native officers in all. The ser- vice is, however, not popular; the Dutch officers are drawn from an inferior class, and vacancies are filled up with German:, till 70 per cent. of the whole body are now foreigners. The consequence is that the army, though brave and faithful. i; not efficient. The Dutch, though a governing race of great energy, do not succeed in their wars in the Archipelago, their recent campaign in Acheen is discreditable to their organisation. and there is an amount of sickness on service which, if it wer-• reported in an English invading force, would suggest to the Horse Guards that the men were out of heart. Want of a.:- cord between officers and men may be the key to that very curious puzzle,—the inability of the Dutch to conquer Malays, • when they are heartily trying to do it.