17 FEBRUARY 1855, Page 2

Supplemental movements have taken place in the subordinate offices of

the Ministry, not altogether calculated to increase public confidence. A. sort of fatality seems to hang over these subsidiary proceedings. Mr. Lowe has left his desk at the India Board, it is very generally reported in disgust. The true nature of his vexa- tion is not known ; but there is nodoubt that he.is likely to be a much more formidable_person out of office than he could be under official restraint. The post of Secretary to the Board of Control thus vacated was offered to Lord Goderich, whose very liberal opinions- and popularity might perhaps have been valued as a species of voucher for the spirit of the Government; but his re- fusal looks awkward. Lord Goderich has on the books of the House of Commons a notice on promotion by purchase in the _Army. In place of Mr. Layard, who is not made Under-Secretary for War, Mr. Frederick Peel is appointed ; and besides arising .murmur at his supposed "incapacity," the appointment is taken to confirm some hasty conclusions, that the activity in the War De- partment is to be only show—Lord Panmnre being received with not less evil presumption than his predecessor encountered.