17 JANUARY 1964, Page 12

`And Naked to the Hangman's Noose'

The cover of New Outlook, the Liberal news- paper, features a charming parody of Con- servative advertisements. Under a picture of a teddy bear with a severed head there is the taste- ful slogan: 'Meanwhile ... kill a hundred babies a week with the Conservatives.' In an article in the magazine the creator of this felicity, after saying that this is the usual pre-election period of political clothes-stealing, writes: 'We the Liberals must not be ashamed of our naked- ness. We should flaunt it, for nakedness shows la diflerence and "vive la difference".' Recently the indication's have been that the Liberals' nakedness, flaunted or not, has been generally noticed. Meanwhile . . a wider circulation of this advertisement should dispel any lingering doubts about 'la difference,' and la decency.