17 JULY 1976, Page 19

Enough said

Sir : From the rantings and brayings of Edward Heath in recent weeks one deduces that he is still suffering from delusions of grandeur. Why, oh why, cannot he rest content in the knowledge that his place in history is assured—as the man who for his own aggrandisement sold his fellow countrymen into foreign bondage by constitutional trickery of the worst kind ? It was, perhaps, most appropriate that the final consummation of this act of treachery should have been the work of a fellow charlatan who had the wit to vacate the stage before events could catch up with him. The most cheering thought for the nation today is that the higher reaches of public life are rid of both culprits for ever. When one looks at the trail of ruin these two gentlemen left behind them it is about time they shut up for good and all.

J. D. Godber 22 Sandcross Lane, Reigate, Surrey