17 MARCH 1961, Page 13

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SIR,—The National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital

Punishment is holding a great rally at the Albert Hall on Tuesday, April 18, at 7,30 p.m. The fine array of speakers represents all three politi- cal parties and many aspects of our national life.

We are convinced that, if all abolitionists will really pull their Weight, we can not only pack the great hall itself but may even achieve an overflow at the Kensington Town Hall, which we have booked for the purpose. The importance of such a demonstration cahnot be over-emphasised.

We therefore earnestly beg every abolitionist among your readers to help us in the following ways:

I. Please buy tickets (2s. 6d. and Is.) immediately. These are obtainable by post from the offices of the Campaign at 14 Henrietta Street, WC2. Please send remittance with your . letter, and order the maximum number of tickets that you and your friends can use, but no more. We ask you to buy these tickets immediately, and not to wait till a date nearer the meeting, because this will enable us to cut down expenditure on advertising later on.

2. A leaflet about the meeting is ready. Will you distribute this as widely a possible to your friends and associates? Will you also get it put up on notice boards in offices, clubs, churches, etc.? If you would let us know how many copies you could use for these purposes, we will send them to you immediately.

We write with a sense of great urgency, as this is a crucial moment in the history of the Campaign. It is understood that the whole question of the present state of the law will come up for review in about a year's time: so we are now entering on the last lap, and must use every moment remaining. to impress upon the Government the great weight of informed opinion in favour of abolition.—Yours faithfully,


Joint Chairmen

National Campaign for the Abolition of

Capital Punishment, 14 Henrietta Street, WC2