17 MARCH 1961, Page 13


SIR.-111 my article on Picture Post in the Spectator for November 25 last I said that it was 'started in October, 1938, when Sir Edward Hulton was melt- ing down the magazine empire inherited from his father and recasting.' Sir Edward now informs me that he did not inherit a 'magazine empire' or indeed a single magazine from his father or anyone else, as the late Sir Edward Hulton sold all his business interests during his lifetime. The present Sir Edward, in fact, built up his very considerable newspaper and magazine interests entirely by his own efforts. I was not intending any disparagement when I used the term 'melting down and recasting'--on the con- tra r■. I consider the decision to found Picture Post at that time was a notable journalistic feat, for which due credit to Sir Edward: but I regret that I

should have made this error, and I should like to apologise to Sir Edward for any embarrassment it may have caused him.—Yours faithfully,


Gurneys, Holwell, Hitchin, Herts