17 MARCH 1961, Page 14


SIR,—In your issue of March 10 it is stated by Leslie Adrian that my company has relaxed price control on current models. This is most definitely not the case. My company is maintaining prices on all current models.

May I suggest that Mr. Adrian is rather unfair to manufacturers of household refrigerators? If he cares to make a check he will see that the increase in household refrigerators by comparison with pre- war is much less than any other product which the housewife can buy. I suggest that this is the equivalent of very substantial price reduction. Not only Kelvinator, but all other manufacturers of household refrigerators are most keenly aware of the fact that there is an enormous market for their products if only they can get their prices dew' low enough. This they arc doing in spite of constant increases in material, wages and overhead expenses resulting from government restrictions on sales.—Yours faithfully,


Managing Director