17 NOVEMBER 1961, Page 15


SIR, —I can't follow in silence any longer Mr. Ray's suitcase saga, in which he describes sad departures of handles from cases made by Revelation and Antler.

Last year Shopper's Guide tested suitcases and found one of RevelOon's models less than perfect (another, incidentally, got much praise). Within a short time, however, Revelation told us that, on the basis of our findings, they were improving the design; and they asked us to advise on the test house which they should consult to make sure the new version was up to standard.

Antler, from whose range we tested four models, with varying results (none highly commendable)-- thought our test methods too severe. Their own handle test gear applies a steady upward pull, followed by a restricted drop (in ours, cases were jolted and swung as if being carried), and they said, 'the fact that in practice the failures of our handles are of negligible proportions convinces us that our tests must be more realistic and reliable.' So far as we know, Antler still hold to this opinion.

D. R. VICKERS Secretary, Consumer Advisory Council Orchard House, Orchard Street, W I

[Cyril Ray writes : '1 am glad to see my own view of the reliability of Antler handles confirmed. My complaint about Revelation is that although they admitted having produced a faulty batch they left unanswered two letters and a Spectator paragraph suggesting that they should offer to replace such faulty holdalls as had been sold to an unsuspecting public:— Editor, Spectator.]