17 NOVEMBER 1961, Page 15


SIR,—I have just read the admirable analysis of the Bilhrle Collection by Hugh Graham in your October 6 issue. In it, the author refers to the other great Swiss private collection of art, that of 'Reinhart, at Baden near Zurich.' Now, I do not wish to detract from the cultural charms of that little old spa town, but the Reinhart Collection, as it is, forms the showpiece of the industrial town of Winterthur, east of Zurich.

Incidentally, the collection is in two parts, one being a donation by Dr. Oskar Reinhart to the City of Winterthur and housed in a public gallery (nineteenth- and twentieth-century German, Aus- trian and Swiss art, mainly), the other still owned by the collector and housed in a private gallery.

ARMIN P. MASt Kant. Technikunt, Winterthur, Switzerland