17 NOVEMBER 1961, Page 30

Possibly the most irritating thing about all air travel is

the assumption that you are not supposed to ask questions. But, as in hospital, it is our lives and time they are mucking around with; we are not idiot babies and have a perfect right to know what is going on. But if they must treat us as if we were in a ward for the feeble-minded, I only wish they would assume we are stretcher cases and give us somewhere to lie down.

basting fat from your nostrils is per- fectly irresistible. Clever, one must admit. I fell for it. Shovelling half a dozen ounce packets, of whole spices which I didn't need into the wire carrier pro- vided 133 the management 1 made for the pay- counter. After a ten- minute v■ait while the customer in front of me had her purchases checked -- orange by orange, almost sprout by sprout vi as allowed through the receipt of