17 NOVEMBER 1961, Page 34


RUDOLF STEINER CENTENARY- \If It- CURY ARTS GROUP. Rudolf Steiner house. 35 Park Road, London, N.W.I, at 7.15 p.m. Art and Education, by L. F Edmunds. Mon- day, 20th November, 1961. Admission 2/-. Students 1

"THE COMMON COLD--Man's Best Friend," Boris Chaitow. Caxton Hall, Mon. 20 Nov. 7.40. 2/6d. London Natural Health Soc. Details: 85 Stoneleigh Rd., Iltord.

(Quote 853 S.)

THE ROYAL INSTITUTE of British Archi- tects requires an Administrativ.: Assistant in its Department for liaison with architectural societies at home and abroad. The post is an exceptionally attractive one for a young titan or woman, with sonic administrative experience and a good knowledge of hinguages, of Which French would be essential, Spanish and Russian desirable. lie would be responsible to the Chief Information Officer for the day-to- day administration of the R.I.B.A.'s liaison services, including relations with the Inter- national Union of Architects, and the organ- isation of the Commonwealth Architects' Conference. The appointment would be made in the salary range £700 rising by annual in- crements of 50 to £1,250 according to age, qualification.s and experience. For further par- ticulars apply to the Secretary, R.1.11.A., 66 Portland Place, London, W.I.


Applications are invited for a post of ASSISTANT LECTURER or LECTURER in ENGLISH LITERATURE to begin duties on 1st October 1962. Initial salary according to qualifications and experience on the scale: Lecturer £1,050 x £50,1:1,400 x £75-£1.850, or Assistant lecturer: £800 x 004:950, with F.S.S.U. provision and family allowance. A grant towards removal expenses will be made. Further particulars may he obtained from the Reg- istrar to whom applications (3 copies) should be sent by 1st February 1962.

EXHIBITIONS AND LECTURES INSTITUTO DE ESPANA, 102 Eaton Square, S.W.I. Lecture by Dn. Carlos Sahatoln on "La generacion poshica do 1925" on the 23rd

- - - - - --- -- JEAN STRAKER'S Photo Nudes, the Un- glamorous truth. 5/-. Visual Arts, 12 Soho Sq.

LEICESTER GALLERIES November Exhibi- tions. New paintings by PIERRE LESIEUR: small pictures and metal reliefs by ANDRE BICAT; and a selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture by MODERN MASTERS.- Leicester Square, 10-5.30. Saturdays 10-I. Until 22nd.

MARLBOROUGH. 39 Old Bond St., W.1 (HYD: 6195). "French Landscapes," Bon- nard, Cdzanne, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Van Gogh, etc. In aid of British ORT. Adm. 2/6, students I!-. Daily 10-5, Sats. 10-12.

MODERN JEWELLERY. 800 pieces from 32 countries at International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery (1890-1961). Goldsmith's Hall. Foster Lane, Chrapside, E.C.2. Daily 10.30-6.30 (not Sundays). Oct. 26 to Dec. 2. Adm. 3/6 (students 1 /6). THE LINCOLN GALLERY



UNIVERSITY OF LONDON: A course of two lectures entitled (1) "Social Comedy in 15th- and 16th-century romances"; (2) "Trans- lators and their sources" will he delivered by Professor Margaret Schlauch (Warsaw at 5.30 p.m. on 27 and 29 November at the Uni- versity of London, Senate House, W.C.I.- Admission free, without ticket. James Hender- son, Academic Registrar.

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON: The John Collin Memorial Lecture, entitled "Mediaeval Love- Sang," will be delivered by Sir Maurice Bowra at 5.30 p.m. on 28 November at the Uni- versity of London, Senate House, W.C.I. Admission free; without ticket. James Hender- son, Academic Registrar.

VISIT UPPER GROSVENOR GALLERIES, 19 Upper Grosvenor St., London, W.I. Tel.: HYD 3091, Open 10 a.ni..6 p.m. Sats. 10-1 p.m. OLD and MODERN MASTERS.

WHITECHAPEL ART GALLERY: Derek Hill: A retrospective exhibition of paintings and drawings 1938.1961. 23rd November to 31st December. Weekdays 11-6: Sundays 2-6; closed Mondays and 23rd to 26th December-in- clusive. Admission free. Adjoins Aldgate East Station.


DOSTOEVSKY ANNIVERSARY MEETING. Chairman: Richard Church, C.B.E. Soviet and British speakers. 2,45 p.m. on Saturday, 18th November, 1961, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, W.C.I (near Holborn Under- ground Station,).-Tickets, 3/6 (including tea), obtainable at the door or in advance from the Secretary, The Great Britain-USSR MS 0 - elation, 43 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1. (Telephone WHI 5250/3342.) CHRISTIAN ACTION WITH ANTI-APARTHEID MOVEMENT

are arranging a meeting to celebrate the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to


Central Hall, Westminster,

MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th. 7.30 p.m.

I ickets front Christian Action, 2 Amen Court, E.C.4, or Anti-Apartheid, 15 Endsleigh Street, W.C.1, Price 2/6 (reserved); 1/- (unreserved) An English Coxswain

Immediate Advances £50 to £25,000 On or Without Security REGIONAL TRUST LTD. 8 Clifford Street New Bond Street, W.I

let, Its gent 5553':714

N1EETINGS - contd.

LISTENING MEETINGS Lectures/Demonstrations by Dr. Rachel Pinney Meetings start at 7.30 p.m.

Nov. 20. Mon. Dorking, Masonic Hall. Nov. 21. Tues. Se venoa ks, Cornwall fl II, 'Flu: Drive.

Nov. 27. Mon. Norbury, The Libra r>, Beatrice Ave.

Nov. 30. Thurs. St. Albans, Court House Dec. 4. Mon. Cos-entry, Christian C.NI It Group. Dec. 21. Timis. Rumford, The 11.1!., Market l'Ia;e.

\ feelings open to all. 'Visitors are welcome, INVESTMENTS 1st and 2nd MORTGAGES. I

Climax Ltd., 282 Kensing.,I, I1 :11 Si WES 0819/4106. KIN 3176.


BRITISH HONDURAS HURRICANL. Hun- dreds dead. Hundreds missing. Thousands homeless. Country at a standstill.-Send your gift now to help relieve widespread distress to British Honduras Fund. 4 Millbank, London, S.W.I.


'ACROSS FRONTIERS: 'f he Friends Service Council (Quakers) welcomes gifts and legacies for its international service overseas. FSC(25), Friends House; Fusion Road, Lott- don, N.W.I.

BE AN ANGEL FOR A 1.1R1.12. Do ■ott h: ant theatres? I can make you an attendant spirit. Write Vincent Shaw Organisation, 2.1,24 Greek Street, W.I. Gerrard 1135/5971/7248 BEST WISHES FOR CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR can be sent by you to your friends and to one of thousands of prisoners in jails because of their belief in freedom. The name and address of a prisoner supplied, with every six language Christmas cards bought 'from AMNESTY, the international movement work• ing for the release of prisoners of conscience. Send s.a.e, for sample or 6s. 9(1. for one dozen or Ll for 3 dozen, post free, to AMNESTY Christmas Card Dept., 153' 'Victoria Street, London, S.W.I.

I SIPLOYERS SEEKING ABLE office staff, m. or f., arc invited to consult STELLA FISHER BUREAU, 436 Strand, W.C.2. TEM 6644.

CIALTS. MAKE GOOD TOYS. Write for catalogue and order by post, or visit London's newest toy shop. Gaits. Dept. S.. 30 St. Marl-

borough St., W.1 (behind Liberty's). _ .

HE'S A SOCIAL LION; not because of his fame as a big game hunter, not because he's a best-selling author--but because he always serves ,superb El. CID Sherry to his grateful guests.

KINSEY REPORT on the Human Female and the Human Male sent on by post. Write or call for our free Price List and Literature on Family Planning.--Fiertag, 34 Wardour Street; London, W.I.D.X.

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DOCTOR TAKEN OUT TO DUTCH TANKER GREAT YARMOUTH & GORLESTON. NORFOLK. At 10.58 on' the morning of the 24th March, 1960, Lloyd's agent at Great Yarmouth informed the honorary secretary that there was a sick man aboard the Dutch tanker Mare Novum, which was proceeding towards Yarmouth Roads. The master had asked for a life-boat to.meet him with a doctor. The life- boat Louise Stephens. with a doctor on board, was launched at low water at 1.2. There was a fresh easterly wind with a heavy swell. The doctor boarded the tanker and found the patient lying in the engine room with severe internal injuries. He decided the man was in too bad a state to be landed by life-boat. The tanker entered the harbour, where the patiePt was taken by ambulance to hospital. The life-boat reached her station at 1.31.

This is another true .story of the Life-boar Serrice.r--tj:pfra of the work that is going on day and night, year in, year out.

The Royal National Life-Boat Institution is supported wholly by voluntary contributions.