17 NOVEMBER 1961, Page 6

Pre-Christmas Quiz

Try these round the pre-Christmas fireside. No prizes are offered.

1. How many mithigenios are there in a nobritoluin, and in which country are they a unit of measurement?

2. Who said, and to whom, 'Archbishop, I cannot agree'?

3. Where is Kmlzysknygrmk?

4. What is a dicaphelogrammologist?

5. What is the difference in the basic beliefs of Mystico-undenominationalism and Undenomina- tio-mysticism?

6. What is the name of the South African Minister of Sexual Regulation Between the Races?

7. Why is 'Last Post' never sounded on a Thursday?

8. What English politician wrote music under the name of Buxtehude?

9. Approximately how many members of the House of Lords are at present confined in lunatic asylums?

10. What is smaldehobble, and where is it made?

11. What is the best Christmas present you can give your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues at work, and why?


1. Ten; Liberia.

2. William of Orange, to Laud.

3. in Northern Rumania.

4. One who studies the air in submarines.

5. None; they are alternative names for the same philosophy.

6. J. Smith.

7. Because Queen Victoria, when hit on the head by a bugle accidentally dropped from a balcony when she was inspecting troops at Aldershot on a Thursday, forbade it thereafter.

8. Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller.

9. Sixty.

10. A kind of very coarse lace; Yorkshire.

II. The Spectator; because it is the liveliest, most wide-ranging, best-written, most stimulating, pro- voCative, thoughtful and informative of British weeklies, because it contains, week after week, names like Kingsley Anzis, Evelyn Waugh, Darsie Gillie, John Mortimer, Lord Altrincham, Bernard Levin, Simon Raven, Marghanita Laski, Constantine FitzGibbon, Roy Jenkins, Ronald Bryden, Katharine Whitehorn, Geoffrey Grigson, Desmond Donnelly, lain Hamilton, Mark Bonham Carter, Peter Forster, and dozens of others, and because if you send 27s. 6d. (which is half the normal rate for a year's subscription) for each name filled in on the coupon below, plus as many more as you wish (provided only they are not already regular renders) we will send them the Spectator for a year, kicking off with a greetings card telling them who is sending it.

To: The Spectator,

,99 Gower Street, London, WC1

Please send the Spectator for a year as my gift to my friends listed below.

I enclose : s. d.

1. Name (Please use capital letters throughout) Address 2. Name Address 3. Name Address My name and address are: PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO RENEW CURRENT SUBSCRIPTIONS