17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 3

* * * * The German Situation Dr. Bruning, the

German Chancellor, has formed a new ministry and is exercising the dictatorial powers conferred by the President's decree last week. He faced the Reichstag with apparent confidence when it met on Tuesday. But his opponents hope that he will fail to retain a majority and that he will then resign. They staged an imposing demonstration against him on Sunday at Bad Harzburg, in Brunswick, the one German State which is controlled by Herr Hitler's party. The Nazis and the Stahlhehn appeared in uniform, and General von Seeckt, late chief of the Army, was present. Herr Schacht, the former president of the Reichsbank, declared that the bank was ill-directed, and that its published statements of assets were misleading— an assertion for which he was sharply criticized by the Chancellor in the Reichstag. That the meeting passed off quietly is said to be due to President Hindenburg, who received Herr Hitler on Saturday, and is alleged to have reminded him of the need for moderation. The recent approaches towards Franco-German co-operation might be stultified by the triumph of extreme nationalism in Germany., But there can be no question of Herr Hitler's popularity and of the attraction which his rather vague creed has for Germans of all classes.

* * * •