17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 3

Sir John Monash We regret to record the death, on

October 8th, of General Sir John Monash, who commanded the Australian Corps in France during the last year of the War. Sir John, who was born in Melbourne sixty-six years ago, was by profession an engineer. He had served in the Australian Citizen Force, and at the outbreak of War acted as Chief Censor. At Gallipoli he commanded an Australian brigade ; in France he was given a division and ultimately succeeded Sir William Birdwood in command of the Australian forces. He played a pro- minent part in the attack of August 8th, 1918, which shattered General Ludendorff's nerves, and planned the surprise of Mont St. Quentin a month later. Sir John Monash made a profound impression on friend and foe alike as a born commander and a great organizer. Like Cineinnatus, he returned to his old calling after the War and planned a great electrical scheme for his native State of Victoria. The Jewish race and faith have produced few prominent soldiers in our days.

* * * *