17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 3

The President sought the views of the Congress leaders on

the larger questions of international finance. At the close of this month the French Premier, M. Laval, is to visit Washington. He will undoubtedly raise the ques- tion of reparations and War debts, all of which are now postponed for a year. Signor Grandi, the Italian Foreign Minister, is also going to Washington late in November, and he too will be concerned with the financial problem, coupled with that of disarmament. Mr. Hoover is evidently anxious to be assured in advance of the support of Congress in making new suggestions to the European Powers that may lighten their burdens and thus improve the outlook for American trade with them. It would seem that the political leaders were unable to give him any assurances. The extension of the morato- rium is not yet sanctioned by American public opinion.