17 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 12

The Moniteur publishes an address from Bergamo, thanking the Em-

peror for his exertions in Italy, regretting that Venice was not liberated, and hinting that Mantua and Peschiera are a standing menace to Lom- bardy.

" Sire, we firmly believe that the definitive conditions of the treaty which you are about to make, will be of a nature to lessen the sufferings which menace unfortunate Venice. We have the firm hope that the frontiers of the kingdom which you have aggrandised will not be deprived of their natural defences, and that we shall not remain still exposed to unforeseen attacks, and placed iu a state of continual fear."

In Hanover the Court party are getting rebuffs, and George V. will soon find the old Cumberland notions inapplicable. The Chamber of Burgesses has elected a Speaker by 13 votes against 11 ; and Schlager, who signed the Eisenach programme, carried the day (11th Sept.)— Mac Paris Correspondent.