17 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 19


The neap tide of publication is nearly at its lowest. The first book in OW brief list for this week, THE FRIFXDS, FOES, AND ADTENTERES OF LADY Monaes, is a biographical memoir of 140 pages, reprinted from the Irisle Quarterly Review of July last.

Of Mr.. Charles Aucheater's new novel, ALMOST A HEnoINE, we have read only the first hundred pages, and whatever pleasure we may derive from the work is all to come. The basis of the story is laid down in the part we have read. It is of the most eccentric kind, and our mind has not been so subdued by the author's art as to be unconscious for a mo- ment of the extreme improbability of the incidents, and the unreal na- ture of the persons who Ilgurg in the story.

We are pleased with THE BOY'S BIRTHDAY Boost, and not the less so because we have found in it some capital tales and well-chosen episodes from books with which we have been long familiar. We think this pretty book will be very welcome to those for whom it is specially in- tended; but old boys and young boys differ in their tastes, and we speak under correction of younger and more competent authority.

So popular a book as GLAHCUS ; Olt, THE WONDERS OF THE SHORE needs no commendation of its literary merits. The new edition is in a small form, very handsomely got up. It is printed in a fine clear type on yellowish tinted_ paper, with twelve pages of chromo-lithographic illustrations which will greatly enhance the utility of the work to col- lectors for the aquseum.

EDITH ; on, TEN YEARS AGO, is a controversial treatise thinly dis- guised in the form of a story, and is dedicated to "the young female Protestants of England," who are expected to find in it a preservative against the Itomish beguilements "too often prepared for them in the present day under the guise of tales and novels."

Mr. J. W. Jackson is a lecturer on Mesmerism and Phrenology, and being struck with the general incompetency of authors who have at- tempted history and biography, he has published what we suppose are to be accepted as model memoirs of thirteen ECSTATICS OF GENIES. Py- thagoras heads the list, which closes with, Mrs. Buchan, Joe Smith, and and Sehamyl. These memoirs are written in a platform style, and are comprised. in 134 pages.


The Friends, Foes, and Adventures of Lally Morgan.

Almost a Heroine. By the Author of Charles Auchester, &c. In three volumes.

The Boy's Birthday Book ; a Collection of Tales, Essays, and Narrative of Adventure. By Mrs. S. C. Hall, William Howitt, Augustus Mayhew, Thomas Miller, and George Augustus Sala. Illustrated with nearly one hundred original engravings.

Edith Grey; or, Ten Years Ago. By Charlotte Bouond.

Bcstaties of Genius. By .T. W. Jackson. The Climate of Brighton. By William Kebbell, M.D., Physician to the Sussex County Hospital.

,Exercises adapted to the turn and complete Course of Grammatical and Idiomatic Studies of the French Leugaage. By Auguste Aigre de Charente. The Civil Service List for September, 1859: containing Office Lists and salaries; Certificated Appointments from 1855; Superannuation List ; Gene- ral Alphabetical List ; Appendix of Useful Information.


Glaucas ; or the Wonders of the Shore. By Charles Kingsley, F.R.S., F.L.S., &c., Author of " Westward Ho! " " Hypatia," &c. Fourth edition, corrected and enlarged, with coloured illustrations.