17 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 6


The great northern equestrian festival, that harbinger of autumn as the southern festival is the herald of summer, has been held this week. It has been well attended. In Doncaster itself an anti-race party showed itself by drawing close its blinds and exhibiting tracts in the windows. It need not be said that the well-meant but impolitic reproofs of the Doncaster saints produced no effect upon the sporting and holiday- making community.

The great race, the St. Leger, was run on Wednesday. The favourite, Promised Land, was heavily backed, and as he lost the race occasioned great excitement. .

The St. Leger Stakes of 25 soya. each, for three year olds—colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, Est. 21b. The second to receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes. St. Leger course. 167 subs.

Sir C. Monk's Gamester, by the Cossack, 8st. 71b....(Alderoft) 1 Mr: Saxon's Defendez , 8st. 711i (L. Snowden) 2 Baron Rothschild's Magnum, 8st. 71b (J. Osborne) 3 Lord Londesborough's Summerside, 8st. 21b (Wells) 4 Mr. W. Day's The Promised Land, 8st. 7llt (A. Day) 5

Bettina at Starting. 5 to 4 on Promised Land, 4 to 1 against Summerside, 12 to 1 against Defender, 15 to 1 against Gladiolus, 15 to 1 against Napoleon, 20 to I against Gamester.

The Race. " The horses were drawn up at the post soon after the appointed time, and they were despatched on tip first attempt. Defender and Gamesterwere speedily on their legs, but they had scarcely got into their stride when Promised Land rushed to the front and took a lead of three or four lengths, Gladiolus, Game- ster, and Aston being his immediate attendants. Midway up the hill Aston ran into the second place, Summerside going on third and Gladiolus fourth, t'ralian drop- ing hopelessly into the rear and was never afterwards seen in the race. On went Promised Land with a clear lead, Aston and Summerside being second and third, Comforter, Gladiolus, Defender, and Gamester next. At the Red House the 14 began to take a little closer order, Aston giving way to Summerside and, with Com- forter, joining the beaten ones. Gladiolus held the third place until after crossing the road, when he gave way and Defender, next the rails, took his place, Gamester on the upper ground now showing very formidably in their wake. Midway between the road and the distance Summerside was beaten, and at the distance Alfred Day rode' Promised Land, and a tremendous shout was raised of • The favourite's beaten,' and such was the fact, for Gamester came out, followed by Defender ; but the race was now virtually over, and Gamester ran home an easy winner by half a length; Magnum, whmcaught Summerside at the Stand, was beaten two lengths from the second, and finished a head in advance of the mare. About a length from them came Promised Land fifth, and a similar distance separated Napoleon from him. The others came in at such wide intervals that the judge was enabled to place the lot. Umlian walked in long after the horses had passed the post."