17 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 13


[Letters of the length of one of our leading paragraphs are often more read,and therefore more effective, than those which fill treble the space.] AN EXHIBITION OF STAGE SCENERY AND DESIGNS. (To zits EDITOR or THE " SPECTATOR."]

Sni,—From the letters published recently in the Spectator on the question of an Exhibition of Stage Scenery and Designs, it is clear that there would be considerable support for such a project. It may interest your readers to know that such an exhibition has always formed part of the programme of the British Drama League, in connexion with which a special com- mittee has been set up to deal with this and kindred matters. Lovat Fraser was one of the original members of this committee, and the work is being carried on by Mr. Norman Wilkinson and Mr. Albert Ruthcrston—to mention only those names which have already had a place in your correspondence column. At the present moment the committee is engaged in working out the details of a Stage Design Exhibition which it is hoped to hold in the Municipal Gallery of one of our largest Northern cities. It seems possible that this exhibition might, with that already opened in South Kensington, form the nucleus of that permanent exhibition which all lovers of the theatre must wish to see brought into being. This is a matter for co-operation on all sides, and my League would be very glad to get into touch with any of your readers who might be prepared to give assist- ance in furthering this object.—I am, Sir, dc.,