17 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

The troubles in the Burgenland, the district of Western Hungary

which was assigned to Austria by the Treaty of the Trianon, have not ended as we hoped. In the last week of August the Southern Slays evacuated the district of Baranya, which was given back to Hungary, and Hungary on her part was to evacuate the Burgenland. The Magyar officials with- drew, but when the Austrian officials entered to take possession they were attacked by armed Magyar bands of disguised regulars, under the command of two Magyar officers, Hejjas and Pronay. The bands were not content with expelling the Austrians, but went so far as to invade old Austrian territory. Austria invited the Allies to enforce the treaty. The Allies addressed a remonstrance to the Budapest Government, who replied with professions of regret, and at the same time declared that they must keep part of the Burgenland until Austria had settled some debts said to be due to Hungary. The Magyars are obviously trying the tactics employed by Signor d'Annunzio in Fiume and by General Zeligowski at Vilna. But the Allies cannot afford to let themselves be tricked or defied by Hungary on the morrow of the ratification of the Peace Treaty. It is said that Italy or Czeoho-Slovakia will be asked to expel the Magyar forces. Hungary is extremely foolish in alienating Western sympathy at a time when she needs it greatly.