18 AUGUST 1855, Page 2

Oar Queen is in France. Her Majesty left Osborne yesterday

; passed the night on the waves she rules in virtue of her Britannic title ; and is by this time traversing, a prized and homage-receiving guest, the Saho land where no woman reigns—save herself; for is she not there, and doth she not reign? Nine days is the English Court to be a wonder in Paris, for the first time since Norman princes contended for their fiefs. The time is to be a marvel of work done, and the programme foreshadows so close a packing of engagements that the mere rottine fatigues the eye. Here and there the mysterious word "rest "—not to be confounded with the same expression in the Bank-returns—seems to cover some inef- fable form of royal activity ; and, seriously, it is more than pro- bable that either under the veil of "rest," or of light and brilliant entertainments, will be held a high discourse influencing the fate of empires.