18 AUGUST 1855, Page 19


On the 19th July, at Government House, St. John's, Newfoundland, the Wife of his Excellency Charles Henry Darling, Esq., of a son. On the Ilth August, at Blaiigourte House, Blairgourie, Perthshine, the Wife of Allen Macpherson, Esq., of a son. On the 12th, at Corsham Court, the Lady Methuen, of a daughter. On the 14th, at Slattern Manor House, East Moulsey, the Wife of Commander Loekyer, R.N., of a son. On the 14th, at Brighton, the Wife of the Hon. Charles Hanbury Tracy, of a son.


On the 8th August, at Marshfield Church, the Bev. Philip Dome, Incumbent of Enypersley. Staffordshire, to Anne Mary, eldest daughter of William Humble, Esq., M.D., 1.6.5., of blarsbflekl, Gloucestershire.

On the 8th, at Humbleton, near Hull, Robert, son of theists Lieutenant-Colonel James ArNair, KR., of Greenfield, Lanarkshire, to Charlotte Hoke, eldest daughter of the Bee.. 1,114C Dixon, Vicar of Garton. On the 9th, at Borithain Flhqints: Cr Russell, Esq. ! ffittilibers, Essex, Major West Essex Militia, eldest son of the late C. E. BrivalILEsq., of Upminster Hall, Essex. to Emily Augusta, eldest dee:104er of the Be'. C. J. Way, Vicar of Boreham. On the 9th, at St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, William Rennet' Coleridge, Esq., Booth- Devon Militia, son of the late Bisleop-Coleridge, of Salston, Devon, to Kathe- rine Francee, only surviving daughter of the late Capt. R. Cutts Barton, of Bur- rough, :Devon. 'On the 14th, at St. James's, Weetbourne Terrace, J. W. C. Ilartopp; Esq. late Captain Seventeenth Lancers, eldest son of-Sir William Bartopp. Bart., of Four kiaks, Hall, Warwickshire, to Charlotte Frances, eldest daughter of the late Edward Gyles Howard, Esq., nephew of the late Duke of Norfolk.

On the 14th, at St. James's Church, Paddington, Henry Hathway, Esq., Lieut. of Fourteenth Light Dragoons, to Julia, youngest daughter of F. Herbert Roe, Esq., Q.C., Gloucester Place, Hyde Park.

On the 14th, at Bt. Marylebonre John Godfrey Teed, Esq.. of Upper Harley Street, and Lincoln's Inn, Q.C., to Louisa, the widow of the late John Campbell, Esq., of Portman Square.

On the 16th, at All Souls' Church, Langham Place, the Rev. Henry Longueville Hansel, B.D.,?ellow and Tutor of St. John's College, Reader in Moral Philosophy, Mhgrialen College, and Member of the Hebdomadal Council, Oxford, to Charlotte Augusta, youngest daughter of the late Daniel Taylor, Req., of Clapham Common.


On the 28th June, at Bombay, Lieutenam-Colonel Joshtm Tait, C.B., Commandant of the Southern Mahratta Irregular Horse. On the 28th July, Sarah Elizabeth, widow of Captain Edward Blanckley. R.N., late of Duke Street., Grosvenor Square, and Ftedland, Bristol, and eldest daughter of the late Sir George Naylor, Garter King Of Arms. - On the 3d August.-Mary. the relict of the late Theophilus Leslie, Esq., surgeon, Commercial Road ; in her 94th year. On the 5th, at Granada, Spain, of cholera, Frances, widow of the late Very Rev. Dr. Edmund Goodenough, Dean of Wells; in her 56th year.

-0n the 7th, suddenly, at Hackney, the Rev. James Thomas -Holloway. D.D., Viper of Stanton-on-Hine-Heath, Shropshire, and late Minister of Fitzroy Episcopal Chapel, London Street, Fitzroy Square ; in hie 75th year. -

On the 10th, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, Anna Maria, wife of J. R. Somerville, Esq., formerly Captain Scots Greys, and youngest daughter of the late Major-General Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B. On the 11th, at hladeley House, Kensington, William Hoof, Esq.; in his 67th year: and in a few hours after, from the sudden shock, Elizabeth, his wile; in her 66th year.

On the 11th, at Paris, Henry Lushington, 'Chief Secretary to the Government of Malta, secopd son of the late Edmund Henry Lushington, of Park House, Maid- stone; in his 434 year.

On the 13th, at Riddings House, near Alfreton, Margaret Eliza, wife of Dr. Lyon Playfair, and daughter of the late James Oaks, Esq.; in her 84th year. On the 13th, in Bayswater Terrace, Anna Philippa, daughter of Sir Justinian Isham, D.C.L., seventh Baronet, of Lamport,,Northamptonshire.

,On the 15th, in Park Lane. the Duke of Somerset; in his 80th year.

; On the 16th, at his residence, 14; Bryanstr Square, Henry Colburn, Esq.