18 AUGUST 1855, Page 4

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AT Osborne, on Monday, the Royal Speech to be read at the prorogation of Parliament was arranged and approved by the Privy Council. At the same Counoil, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Mansell, Mr. William Cowper, and Rear- Admiral Berkeley, were sworn in Privy Councillors. Lord Palmerston, Earl Granville, Lord Canning, and Sir George Grey, had audience of the Queen. Mr. Justice Wines was presented, and received the honour of knighthood. The annual fete given by the Queen and Prince Albert to the labourers and workpeople employed on the Osborne estate, the seamen and marines of the Royal Yacht, and the Coast Guard at Cowes, took place at Osborne on Saturday. The whole party, 600 in number, passed her Majesty in


pression to the tents, where they dined. The Queen, Prince Albert, and the children, walked through the tents during dinner, and afterwards witnessed the rural sports on the lawn. Prince Albert inspected the breakwater at Portland, and the Queen -was present at the Cowes regatta, on Tuesday. Major-General Pennefather, Lord Hardinge, Lord Panmure, and Sir Benjamin Hall, have been guests at Osborne. The sixty-ninth birthday of the Duchessof Kent was kept yesterday -with the usual rejoicings at Kensington and Winddbr.