18 AUGUST 1855, Page 8

An event in India has been dnly stated in the

summaries of news from that country, but not in a manner to note its very great importance ; and it is not too late to repair the omission. We refer to the appointmeat ef Prone Conemai Tagore to a seat on the bench ashe Sudder.Adawlut of Bengal, or Company's Supreme Court at Calcutta. This is the first time that a native has been raised to that high judicial rank. The gentleman in question haWalready filled a civil office of distinction, and his personal character and attainments more than justify the selection. We have be- fore noticed the admission of Dr. Chuckerhutty to medical rank. The new appointment of t native to the Su/keine -Tudithil Bench has been mentioned as marking a new lira in the history of British India:, it rather shows a disposition to fulfil the promises made at thelast settlement.of the official organization of India; and certainly it will go far to give the natives social rank, with the best encouragement for that self-cultivation in which they hive spontaneously made so much progress.