18 AUGUST 1855, Page 8

The Parktnento of Madrid asserts that M. Oloza.ga officially informed

the Emperor of the French, in a recent audience granted by his Majesty, that the Spanish Government has adopted the resolution to take part in the war against Russia, and of sending an army to the East. .

. The Turin daily papers constantly copy the intelligence of public pro- ceedings in this country, extending our reports to every place where Italian is read. They watch the minutest events, correct the mistakes of other foreign journals, and do the work of English papers inItalign. The Piemonte of the 14th instant thanks Lord John Russell for having drawn forth Lord 'Palmerston's speech of the 7th, which is quoted in Q401140 from the Gagetta Pientontess, with all the raarks of applause signi- fying the sympathy of the Commons. Every proof of attention paid to Italian affairs, the journals say, is eagerly gathered and gratefully acknow- ledged by "all Italy."