18 DECEMBER 1880, Page 2

Lord Edmond Fitzmanrice, speaking at Calne on Wednesday, bore the

strongest testimony to the shocking condition of Mace- donia, and declared his belief that " the regions from which Philip and Alexander went forth to conquer the world, where the greatest of lawgivers was born, where the wisest of philosophers taught,. where the greatest of theologians preached,—these regions, I say, are not destined for ever to be materially parched and morally blighted, under a despotism hateful alike to God and man, as odious in its decrepitude as it was terrible in its strength." As Lord E. Fitzmaurice knows the region, and is very nearly a Jingo, that is a significant utterance, though we cannot forget that Nazareth also is under the same despotism. Lord E. Fitzmaurice also showed, having himself been English Commissioner for Turkish Reforms, that the British Govern- ment, so far from neglecting or oppressing Albanians, had earnestly striven to secure them the autonomy which they themselves so earnestly desire ; that Dervish Pasha has arrested their chiefs, and shipped them to Constantinople, a place which political prisoners find injurious to health. They will probably " commit suicide."