18 DECEMBER 1880, Page 2

M. de Mouy, the new French Minister in Athens, presented

his credentials on December 2nd, and made a little speech to the King, in which he said that " my Government, confident in the efficacy of peaceful means, is persuaded that the legitimate aspirations of Greece will be realised by a prudent policy at no distant date, and conformably to the decisions which served as the basis of the European mediation. France will exert her in- fluence to bring this success about" by her usual "moderation." The King, in reply, accepted these assurances, but pointed out, in the most significant way, that the decision of Europe as to frontiers was " definitive and irrevocable," and a prompt execu- tion of that decision the surest means of preserving peace. It should be remembered that the reply had been previously read and accepted by M. de Mony, and France, therefore, declares Greece entitled to her frontiers.