18 DECEMBER 1880, Page 2

The text of the Turkish Note to the Powers on

the Greek Question issued on the 14th of December was sent by cable to the Daily Telegraph exclusively. It is fall of mockery. The Porte declares that it adheres to its former offer,—the line of Trikbala and Margeriti, and expects his Hellenic Majesty to accept that as the " irrevocable decision of Europe," a phrase evi- dently inserted to ridicule the similar words used at Athens. The Note points out that in Greece the whole country has become one vast camp, and that the journals encourage "an unjustifiable and sanguinary straggle" against the Ottomon Empire. Turkey " will remain calm in presence of these provocations," but will "defend her rights with energy," and meanwhile is confident that the Powers will exert " efficacious" pressure on the Cabinet of Athens, urging it to give up warlike preparations, and enter into direct negotiations with the Porte. In short, Turkey despises Greece, and cares nothing about Europe until she uses force, and will give up nothing until she is made. That is always the first attitude of the 'Porte, unless an enemy is in sight of Constantinople. Then everything is surrendered, in the hope that the Treaty may be cancelled by external inter- ference, to the sole benefit of Mahommedans, as the Treaty of San Stefano was.