18 JANUARY 1975, Page 14

New National Anthem

(As a result of recent dicussions on sovereignty, new words have been written for the National Anthem.) God save our Gracious Nine, Grant them a grace divine.

God save the Nine! Seeking prosperity, Through harsh austerity, Breeds such asperity Among the Nine.

God save the EEC In whose great family May Britain be!

Their methods curious, Actions injurious, Make us all furious In EEC.

God grant that we may rate Above the other eight; The leading state.

Confound their politics; Guard us from their pin-pricks; Frustrate their knavish tricks, And make us great.

Pray God, our sovereignty May in the EEC All powerful be.

Tho' they're censorious, We'll be victorious, Happy and glorious, If we stay free. Basil Charles