18 JANUARY 1975, Page 4

The country's interest

Sir: I am saddened by yet two more revelations — in one issue of The Spectator — that one must never take for granted that Parliamentart representatives speak, act and vote in what they know to be the best interest of this country.

Mr du Cann (quoted in the "Notebook" extract from Hansard) makes it clear that he believed, and still believes, that there were better roads for Britain to tread than the one which led her into the EEC, yet he voted for British membership and adds insult to injury by talking about the House reaching "a democratic decision." Surely this is pure cynicism.

On another page Mr Piers Dixon (now that he is outside the range of Mr Heath's cockatrice glare), tells us that the country needs "Powellism." Indeed it does! Why did he not say So before . when he sat in Parliament where his opinion could have carried more weight?

One ex-'Conservative' MP gives us cause to rejoice. I refer to Sir Christopher Soames; for whether or not it is proper for him to speak in this country at meetings designed to 'Keep Britain in,' any anti-marketeer who has heard him do so will hope that his tour will be extensive and his audiences vast. Danzig-born Mr Wistrich and that popular Australian Mr Gough Whitlam will make a suitable supporting cast.

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