18 JANUARY 1975, Page 7

A Spectator's Notebook

In the great days of daily newspaper production there were few men in the street who would not have recognised the Harmsworth brothers or the first Berrys or Lord Beaverbrook or Lord liffe. Today, except for Lord Thomson and Sir Max Aitken and perhaps Rupert Murdoch, things are different. Would David Astor or Lord Hartwell be recognised outside the closed circles within which they move? Even some editors manage to keep their photographs cautiously out of their papers. Tony Miles and Sir Hugh Cudlipp are familiar enough, but who would recognise John Junor (though he is occasionally on television) or Charles Wintour or Maurice Green or Larry Lamb?

Though The Spectator is not the natural Place, we must, in some future edition, ensure that the public see what they have been missing.