18 JANUARY 1975, Page 7

Advertising children

Woman's Realm, the weekly magazine, is being used this week by the independent Adoption Society of Peckham, formerly the Agnostic Adoption Society, to 'advertise' children in special need who are particularly difficult to place. One child is a four-year-old, mentally retarded boy, and another a small West Indian girl. At present, half the children waiting to be adopted in one Inner London borough are coloured, and social workers have tended, until now, to look for foster homes° or to put the children in care. This new attempt to give wider publicity to the needs of these children is welcome, and my only reservation, on strictly practical grounds, regarding advertising in a magazine as against a previous television appeal, is the semi-permanent nature of the printed word (and more especially, the photograph) instead of the fleeting image on the screen.