18 JANUARY 1975, Page 7

Sir Fred moves on Sir Fred Catherwood, disappointed not to

have got the National Enterprise Board, has launched what he calls a "top people's think tank" called Professional Forum — PROF for short. Sir Fred does not stay in a job for long. He has moved from John Laing's, the builders, and is now chairman of the British Institute of Management. His "top people's think tank" will, if it gets off the ground — and presumably the British Institute of Management aren't footing the bill — comprise bodies representing doctors, dentists, accountants and surveyors, together with lawyers, engineers and so on. Its first tasks, set by Sir Fred, will be to tackle the dehumanisation of work, ecology and the effect of the energy shortage on the nation's growth. Good luck to them — though with Sir Fred in the chair, there will inevitably be, I fear, greater attention to 'human values' and 'social responsibility' and 'co-operation' than to 'free trade' or 'bilateralism' or 'European federalism' or 'British withdrawal and independence.'