18 JUNE 1948, Page 18


Sta,—My copy of this week's Spectator has only just reached me, and with it Sir Osbert Sitwell's latest acrimonious lecture. Ignoring the other egotistic trivialities, I confess I was both amazed and a little amused at the claim for the immortality of his work. One would have thought the last person who should make such a claim would be the author himself ; and if immortality has been so conferred on the late Sir George Sitwell, it must seem a bitter gift.

I have no more to say ; but would thank you, Sir, for allowinWus such freedom of expression in The Spectator. From letters I have received in this connection, I have been much impressed by the wide circulation of The Spectator, sometimes in unexpected places. Copies seem to travel far from the original subscribers.—I am, Sir, yours faithfully,