18 OCTOBER 1940, Page 2

President Roosevelt's Answer

President Roosevelt's broadcast last Sunday was a splendid reply on behalf of the democracies of the western hemisphere to the threats of the dictators as expressed, in their latest form, in the alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan. Mr. Roose- velt was speaking not only for the United States, but for all the countries of the New World which for purposes of defence and the protection of freedom are consolidated in " a great political system." The United States was building up total defence to resist total attack, and was not to be misled by that doctrine of appeasement which had been " a major weapon of the aggressor nations." But he spoke not only of his past efforts to keep the American Republics at peace and his present determination to arm for defence, but of the decision to con- tinue to help those who resist aggression and now hold aggressors from American shores. Britain's " heroic " defence was specifi- cally mentioned. This is the reply to the politicians of the dictator countries who thought that by the new alliance they might appeal to the caution of the United States. It shows that on the contrary it has drawn the Americas together; that it has steeled their resolve to support Great Britain who is fight- ing their battle as well as her own; and that she will continue to send help to such a country as China who is standing out against the aggressors. In the forefront of the battle are Great Britain and the Dominions and Colonies, but behind them the United States and all the nations to whom she stands as trustee.