18 OCTOBER 1940, Page 3

The postponed debate on physical training for youth has now

taken place. Mr. Ramsbotham, the President of the Board of Education, outlined his proposals to a small house. In brief he has formed a small Directorate, composed of Civil Servants, Miss Colson and Colonel Wand-Tetly and Major Davies from the War Office. Some fifty physical training organisers and club leaders have been released from the Army in order to fortify the physical education aspects of youth training. The President made it clear that he is opposed to a Commissioner for Youth, that he intends to work through Youth Committees, that no novel departures are to be expected. It was indeed a wise and cautious speech. He promised to investigate the idea of the County Badge, but made little constructive comment on this important issue. He declared himself in favour of the Fisher Act, but gave little indication of how he would implement it on one side, i.e., physical training, without all the obvious difficulties being surmounted. Mr. Noel Baker, Sir Francis Fremantle and Mr. Henry Brooke strongly urged him to provide money for practical experiments on the lines of the Gordonstoun scheme in Morayshire, but no answer was forthcoming on this point. The matter is of importance to thousands of interested men and women all over the country. One would 'like to feel that every effort will be made this winter to keep alive youth activities, even in London.

* * * *