18 OCTOBER 1940, Page 5

Since Dr. A. V. Hill called attention in The Times

to the —on the face of it—shocking case of Mr. F. G. Friedlander, wbo has just been elected Fellow of Trinity (Cambridge), I have acquired some further facts about Mr. Friedlander's record. He is of Austrian origin, came to England as a refugee, and was at school here before going up to Trinity, where he took engineering, getting a first in his tripos in 1938, and winning the J. B. Seely Prize. He then did research work with Prof. G. I. Taylor, viho, like his tutor, Mr. J. R. M. Butler, and the Vice-Master of Trinity, Mr. D. A. Winstanley, speaks decisively of his reliability and loyalty to this country. So valuable is his work that a recent paper by him is, on the re- commendation of the Ministry of Supply, to be circulated to various Government departments interested, its importance being such that it is undesirable to give it general publicity. But there will be a difficulty about this, for Mr. Friedlander cannot correct the proofs, since he was interned last May as an enemy alien, and has since been spirited away to Canada, and his present whereabouts are unknown. Trinity elected him very much in absentia—greatly to its credit.