19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 1

The adoption of measures fir promoting the manufactures of Ire-

land is now becoming a subject of consideration with men of parties in that country. The plan of using Irish-made goods to the exclusion of those of England emanated from the Repeal Associa- tion ; and commenced by the adoption of a Repeal livery, to be made from cloth of Irish manufacture. The eneoulogement of the manufactures of Ireland not having It necussai.v- e, intexion with the Repeal of the Union, tile plan \\se; eagerly 4:0(.4211 :it by maim- theturers and tradesiaen, of all p-iitieal views. It 11 is extended beyond that circle. The Doke of LEINsr co and !he Earl of

CitAm.rstosor have now come thrward ISsnpisssss: ;Ile sollerne.

These no ',denten, however, diselai:a c' .1 snd profess that their psincipal object is : .ss.s.ss :to .ve the

manufactures of the country. so as 1 s.H1c ;„, e,—:,,ste in

quality and price with those of tins

elfect is to be produced, we are not to! Is 1110 v()1111itary self- imposed protect it■g-eleity on Irish manw.scts....ss is the sole 'Leans re-lied on, its ctilsacy will not be rem5rk:0,1s. A protected trade may thrive, but tin, inality of the manufact me will not iniprove : nor will that protection he of long continuance, which depends solely on the will of due purchaser. Putting all considerations of political ceonomv aside, it is a satisfactory novelty to-,tind one question on whi:h the widely differing parties in IrcianeCgsn agree to net in contert.