19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 1

The settlement, as it. was called, of the Eastern question,

by the submission of ME111::itnr Ara to the conditions imposed by the Allies, threatens to be disturbed even on the very threshold. The Sublime Porte now 11111111 refractory, and uses. his " independ011ee Ill a way to render the agreement, negotiated with the Pasha by Commodore NI to ER or, behalf of the other Powers, of no elfect. The die/Wm/Is0 of his vassal from the Pashalie of Egypt—a mea- sure first adopted at the instigation of Lord PONst1N11Y—it 15 strongly suspected the Sultan is by the saute agency influenced to continue. This hitch in the winding up affords a curious exempli- fication of the merely nominal part which the Ottommi Porte Played ill the proposed arrangement of his ailhirs by the Allies. If the Porte had been consulted about the final offer of terms to MullEMET,. it is reasonable to believe that the present ditlieulty would not have arisen. It cannot be supposed, however, that tho Sultan will long hold out, unless he be secretly supported by Rus- sia: nod it is probable that the reffisal to annul the depsitionsof Almoottsr took place before the news of the Pasha's subinis,-ion had reached ('onstantinople.