19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 13



TUUr to the Sepulchres of Etruria, in 182. By Mrs. Hamilton Gray. With name. rotas Illustrations. flak/turd and Sun. Tor Da•ma, The Dramatic works or James Sheridan Knowles. In 2 vols Ifaxon. Money; a Comedy, in live Act,: as pera.irmeil at the Them,' Royal Haymarket. By llto Author ol •"Plie Lady of Lyons," " Richelieu," " Rienzi," &c.

S tunders and Otley.


Caner:aide's Ilistorleal Amami. Tim Great Civil War of Cleir!es the First and his Parliament. Ity the Rev. R. Cuhteruuuol, It. 1). Illus:Iated by George Cutter - mule, Req. Vol. I tunsman and Ca.