19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 2


At a Court of Common Council, held on Thursday, a resolution was passed for increasing the Police-force of the City. The Police Com- mittee recommended that it should consist of 13 Inspectors, 47 Ser- geants, 482 Constables ; amounting in the whole to 542 men, at a charge or 30,5711. 8s. for their wages. The foregoing amount is exclusive of the salary and allowance to the Commb:sioner and tlet Superintendent, the expenses incidental to the Police establishment for clothing, station- houses, Fec., and also the pensions to the old watchmen, which the Committee had estimated at the sum of 11,5261. es.; making a total of 42,097/. 14s. A resolution to carry the recommendations of the Com- mittee into effect was passed, though not without opposition.

At a meeting of the proprietors of East India Stock, at the India House, on Wednesday, a motion for the substitution of a declaration insAead of the oath hitherto required to be taken before voting at any election, was carried by a large majority : only eight hands were held up in favour of the retention of the oath. The Governor afterwards stated, in reply to a question by Mr. Salomons, that the Directors had received assurances from the Government that the expenses of the Chinese expedition were not to be borne by the Company.

There has been another church-rate contest in the parish of Christ Church, Surry. The proposition of the Churchwardens was ...ate of one penny. The polling commenced on Thursday, and ended yester- day ; when the numbers were—for the rate, 347 ; against it, 54.

The first fiat of bankruptcy against Messrs. Wright and Co., bankers, was superseded by the Court of Review. A new fiat was opened on Thursday. The petitioning creditor is Edward Martin Foxhall, of 18, South Audley Street, architect.