19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 3

The annual general meeting of the members of the Loyal

and Con- stitutional Association of Birmingham was held on Thursday, at Dee's iloyel Hotel. The attendance was nice,. intluential and reepectable: ineheline. Lord Lifford, the President oC the Association, the Earl of Ilradfurd, tine Earl nit Ayksford, the Earl of' Dartmouth, and a large number of tic leading- tAnnservatives of Birmiogham and the surround- ing districts.

A meeting was held at Northampton on Thursday week, to agree to

congratulatery address to the Queen and Prince Albert. The High Sheriff of the county presided. The first resolotion was proposed by the Marquis of Northampton ; who dwelt upon the importance of an undis- puted hereditary sneeession for the prevention of civil wars and blood- than!. Mr. C. I farrison, a Chartist, pialposed an amendment, meow- mentliog the Queen to pardon Prot, Williams. and Jones, and all pohi deal offenders. lie made an Ultra Chartist speech, in which he called the hereditary monarchy "an accursed eyetem," which occasioned the misery of thou.•,tnds. Ile denied that it had ever prevented civil war ; but, on the centrary, it had been the means of staining every river in the country with blood. In support of this opinion, he referred to the acts of "the Norman butcher," the wars of York and Lancaster, and " the monster old Harry the Eighth." He thought it '` a complete Intunleng to fetch over a German thing, that did not know twenty words ef English, to be the husband of the Queen." Ile then went to the 1- upon tion in the distribution of wealth, and to the abuses of the n 'leach. There ...ere signs of the times that showed the system. would 11,t last another seven years. The amendment Si is seconded by :mother Chartist, in nearly the same strain. The Marquis of Northampton replied ; and then a third Chartist splits Ultimately, time original resolution was carried by a large nu:horny.

.■ meeting of tradesmen's a eni:tants was held in Liverpool on Mon- day, to form an associathat to obtain a further shortening of the hours of business. Resolutions calculated to forward the object in view were unanitnously agreed to.