19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 3

Zbe Vrobinces.

The Liberals have been looking for a candidate.tinintrepresent the city of Lincoln in Parliament with Sir K L. Bulwer, up to the present tune without success. Mr. Charles Seely and Mn'. S. E. Bristow, of Beesthorpe, Notts, have each been invited to stand, but deelined.—llos- tun Herald.

We have just learned that there is a vacancy in the represent lion of Walsall, in temseqttence of the retirement of Mr. Finch ; and as it is said that the friends of monopoly are in the field with the intention nitrying to strengthen the landlords interest in that stronghold of our manutite- taring industry, the Council of the League have determined to send a deputation to meet the eleetors.—Anti-Corn-tow Circular.

The Conservatives of Plymouth have resolved not to allow the two Radical Members 1)t. that borough quietly to walk over the course in the event atm election taking place. A highly-influential meeting was held oh Friday evening last ; when 31.r. Alderman John Johnson, of London, :rind of' Siert I house, Plymouth, pledged himself to come for- ward whenever a vacancy shall occur.— ll'i,tern Luminary. There has lawn of late considerable discussion inn the polithed circles upon the probability of Lord Albert Conyngham's relinquieh went of the representation of Canterbury. The Giant. pretending to be in the exclusive pessession of the state of his Lordship's health, has ventured to assert that he was so flir restored to eonvale,cence as to have deter- mined to retain his seat in the Senate. A direct and complete contra- diction has beeu given to this statement hy his Lordship's brother, in Iris speech at the Canterbury cattle-show. The Marquis describes him in a state quite lamentable; and we hear from private authority that the disorder (Flpitation of the heart) %%WI a hich he is affected, seized . him so snij iii. and violently only a very shell time ago, that the un- happy iii v o ins compelled to be taken front his carriage and laid upon the gr.mml to prevent actual dimsolution on the spot. There can he hole deubt of the steps %%hid, a ill be taken at the meeting of Parliament with respect to the representation of Canterbury.—Kentislt The C/e74; of last night contradicts, tat " authority," the story of Lord A lbert Conyngham's severe illness ; and the report is characterized as "a weak invention of the enemy." It affils---" We are able to state that his Lordship's health is far better than it has been flu' • everal

months ; in consequence of which, the intention) he entertain of re-

tiring from Parliament is likely to be relinquished. A rf numerously sinned Ity his constimems, is iv) course of' prepa!•.tion, the objQct of' which is to induce Lord !heti to retain his seat."