19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 4

In the Dublin Court of Exchequer, on Monday, the Lord

Chief Baron gave sonic important judgments on appeals relative to the franchise in Ireland- " First, he decided that no person bad a right to register out of a second franchise while he was registered as a voter out of another. This gets rid of euplicate certificates, and with them of one of Stanley's most plansffile argu- ments. In this decision he is supported by Baron Pennefather and Mr. Justice Burton.

" Second, he decided that although eight years shall have elapsed from the date of the certificate, yet it is prima pwic evidence of the right to register this derision he upholds the opinion of' Mr. Tooth in Wicklow.

" Third, he decided that the oath of the juror as to value, on trials of appeals, is to be taken from the Reform Act, and not front the form of oath in the 10th of George IV. His Lordship gave an el thorate and able judgment on this point ; on which he differed with six otkr Judges, agreeing with the minority of five."—Dublitt Register.

The Reverend Mr. Mathew, in one of his recent addresses in the South of Ireland, where he has been since his visit to Dublin, stated that the number of Teetotallers in Ireland has increased 3,300,000.

The floods in the South of Ireland have been of the most distressing nature to time poor. The Black water rose to a height of fifteen or six- teen feet, and the public vehicles were obstructed. The town of Bandou was flooded to such an extent that all communications between the north and south sides of the town were cut off. A four-oared boat plied along the Irislitown in Channel on Thursday week. The valley on the Wa- terford side of the river was one vast lake of water. In Carrick-on- Suir the waters swamped several boats. Numbers of cows, sheep, and horses, have been drowned.