19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 6


We understand that the determination of the present French Cabinet to maintain the " paix armee " gives great offence to Great Britain, Austria, and Prussia. Representations of a decided character on this subject are being made ; unless France lowers her tone, the settlement of the Egyptian question will not produce the beneficial effect in Europe that was expected.—Herald.

We learn that it is the intention of Government to increase our naval force in the Mediterranean to twenty-five sail of the line.—Brighton Gazelle.

Amongst the officers who served on board the Charlotte, Sir Robert Stopford's flag-ship at the late siege of Acre, was one of the sons of Sir Robert Peel.

There is some intention of clothing the Army by contract, of doing away with agents, and altogether reforming the military system.— Limerick Chronicle.

Lord Melbourne left London on Saturday, for his seat, Brocket Hall, Herts. On Tuesday, his Lordship left Brocket Hall for Woburn Abbey.

The will of the late Marquis Camden has just passed the seal of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury ; and administration has been granted to his eldest son, the present Marquis, sole executor. The personal pro- perty of the deceased has been sworn under 40,0001., to be equally divided among his younger children ; and it is generally understood that the hereditary estates do not exceed 8,000/. a year.