19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 6

In justice to the Globe, - we copy the following from

our Courtly and courteous contemporary of last Monday- " The Spectator of yesterday ascribes to the Globe a paragraph headed 'Royal Self-possession,' which is as absurd an invention as it is impertinent and offensive to the Royal personages who are represented as parties in the colloquy. Not a line of the stupid invention ever appeared in the columns of the Globe!"

The Globe ought certainly to know best what appears in his own columns ; and we take for granted that his denial is perfectly correct— the more especially as we have no file of that paper to refer to. It might have been as well, however, if the Globe bad lent his assistance to trace the real fabricator of the "invention." It appeared in several papers before it was copied into the Spectator; the Morning Post, we are sure, was one.